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Population:  37.59 million ​ Approx.
Government:  Parliamentary monarchy 
Capital:  Ottawa
Currency:  Canadian Dollar CAD
Main cities:  Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Alberta, and New Scotia.
Fun facts:   It is the second largest country in the  World  and occupies about half of the territory of  North America,  The Canadian federation consists of ten provinces and 3 territories, and is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with the queen  Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom  (Elizabeth II of Canada for Canadians) as head of state.

Some activities (fonts:

  • "Niagara Falls" is a set of three waterfalls that link the American and Canadian borders. They are not very high (57 meters) but very strong, which makes them the best known and most visited in the world. They also represent a very important source of hydraulic energy. After a traditional boat cruise at the foot of the falls, you will be able to stroll before the falls and discover small paths that are very pleasant for cycling.

  • Climb to the top of the "CN Tower" in Toronto: This tower is also called the "Official Tower of Canada". It rises to 447 meters and is the symbol of the city of Toronto. It was built to allow a higher diffusion of radio waves. This is the third largest building in the world. The highest platform can be accessed with glass elevators. There you can admire a panoramic view over the city and the ground thanks to a glass floor. The breath is cut!

  • Go fishing on Lake Ontario:  Located in the East of the country, this lake is a perfect place for fishing enthusiasts. The bears already know this because they are going to eat the salmon that live there. It is also a good place for nature lovers who can walk and eat on the water's edge. A good idea to get away from the cities!

  • Go in the jungle with sled dogs:  In the north of the country, escape with your team of dogs. Each shot is made up of 6 dogs that will make you discover wonderful landscapes. It is a perfect experience to enjoy the calm and recharge with energy in nature. The excursions are very convivial and the days end with hot food shared with the group. The departures are made between December and March.

  • Immerse yourself in History at the "Canadian Museum of History":  Located in downtown Ottawa, the  Canadian History Museum  first it offers an incredible view over the riverbank and the buildings of the Canadian Parliament. The objective of the museum is to collect, study, protect and present the objects that bear witness to the human history of Canada and the diversity of its population. It was created in 1856 and is now the most visited museum in Canada. It houses a space for 3D projections and very beautiful temporary exhibitions such as "Snow" that explains the essential role of this element in the history of the country.

  • Visit the capital, Ottawa:  Ottawa has been the capital of Canada since 1857. It is home to most of the Canadian institutions and federal agencies. There the temperature can change between +35 and -35 degrees Celsius. An unavoidable case to be made is to visit the  Canadian Museum of Fine Arts  which hosts works by international artists such as Andy Warhol for contemporary art.

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