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If there is a country in the world that takes better advantage of its leisure that is USA. There is a huge number of activities to be carried out throughout the country, and many of them are absolutely free.

The excursions and guided tours are endless: from cruise ships by seas, rivers or lakes to visits to the best National Parks of the world. Walk the Route 66 by car, listen to authentic jazz in New Orleans or New York, fly by helicopter about him Colorado's canyon, walk the streets of Chicago , go hiking in the jungles of Everglades or the desert of Mojave, furrow the Mississippi, enjoy the varied gastronomy from each state, see the best shows on Broadway, the best sports events, walk around Central park  and suddenly see Al Pacino playing Shakespeare for free ...

In all the cities of the country there is something to see: New York (Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Niagara Falls ...), The Angels (Hollywood walk of fame, movie studios, Hollywood sign, Venice ...), Washington dc (White House, Capitol, Monuments ...), San Francisco (Golden Gate, Haight-Ashbury, Chinatown ...), Seattle (Space Needle ...), Miami (beaches, Zoo Miami Metro…)…

Las Vegas is the international capital of entertainment: you can spend weeks without stopping having fun in its Casinos, hotels, resorts ... where you can not only play, but see the best shows in the world (Circo del Sol, concerts ...) The best nightlife clubs are also in this city, which is why millions of people come to it a year, not only to contract marriage but to celebrate the funniest bachelor parties.

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